[docs] Sincere question from retired librarian about Why should I attempt to learn te Python Programming Language

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Tue Jan 23 09:29:07 EST 2018

Because it's fun, stimulating, challenging, educational. You get to learn a
new skill , to create something that controls your computer, to understand
what's behind everything your computer does.

Python is an excellent language to learn because it is extremely simple,
straightforward, yet very powerful. There are various tutorials offered at
the python.org website. I recommend trying one of these and see how you
like it.

An investment of several hours going through a tutorial will probably
answer your question.

We are here to help beginners. Please address any further questions to
tutor@ python.org.

On Jan 23, 2018 8:14 AM, "Tom mosninetysixb via docs" <docs at python.org>

> I tried a computer programming course in college back in 1968, and
> received a grade of D.  I took a course in web page development in 1998,
> and prepared a website for the course.  I was not called upon to develop
> any web pages at work, except "fill in the blanks" for guides that use the
> "libguide" format
> *LibGuides* - Content Management and Curation …
> <http://springshare.com/libguides/>
> springshare.com/*libguides*
> <https://www.bing.com/search?q=libguides&form=EDGTCT&qs=PF&cvid=acf6ad080359419a9712800bb703b6be&refig=96b81d7c6e214753952bc94890955205&cc=US&setlang=en-US&elv=AXK1c4IvZoNqPoPnS%21QRLONfi6aDtkrBU%21zfrcJF9Pi4lKrCX9aXA09e8X9V%217Am0yALAre0rKOmlYRJykW6*FU7dHz2vhai2zlG32EoAnim#>
> *LibGuides* is an easy-to-use content management system deployed at
> thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians use it to curate knowledge and
> share information .
> The guides that I created for the University of Texas at Arlington Library
> have been deleted since my retirement.
> My retirement projects are taking stacks of things, such as books, or VHS
> cassettes, or government publications, and turning them into lists of
> materials for other people to review and request an item.
> I have never played computer games such as Pacman or anything like that.
> I was in the public library recently and walked past the children's book
> section.  I knew that the Dewey Decimal Classification for computer books
> is 005, and saw  a shelf of books about computer programming for elementary
> school students.
> Have a feeling that learning SOME computer programming language is a task
> I ought to do to encourage younger people and their parents.
> But I keep remembering the long time question of children who ask  "
> Teacher, what do we need to know all this math for?"
> In the 53 years since I graduate from high school, I have not used
> mathematics beyond algebra and geometry.  Trying to learn calculus at
> college was a waste  of my time at college and hundreds of dollars in
> tuition and textbook purchases
> .
> I am not trying to be "snarky".  I help tutor young people after school.
> and I need some real, reasonable answers to their questions,  and my own
> questions about WHY a person should learn a computer programming language.
> Respectfully yours,  Thomas K. Lindsey,  Master of Library Science, and
> enrollment in at least 16 others college courses, and advanced professional
> military education.
> mos96b at yahoo.com
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