[docs] [issue34115] code.InteractiveConsole.interact() closes stdin

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Sun Jul 22 05:12:01 EDT 2018

Eryk Sun <eryksun at gmail.com> added the comment:

> On Windows Console, sys.stdin.close() does not prevent a second 
> interact call.  This might be considered a bug.

This is a bug in io._WindowsConsoleIO. 

In Python 3, the sys.std* file objects that get created at startup use closefd=False:

    >>> sys.stdin.buffer.raw.closefd
    >>> sys.stdout.buffer.raw.closefd
    >>> sys.stderr.buffer.raw.closefd

Since the REPL uses C FILE streams (or in 3.6+ the underlying console file handle in Windows), closing sys.stdin does not cause the REPL to exit, and the PyOS_ReadLine call in the interactive loop continues to work in both POSIX and Windows. 

That said, closing sys.stdin should cause input() to raise ValueError due to sys.stdin.fileno() failing (i.e. take the non-tty path) and subsequently sys.stdin.readline() failing. A second call to code.InteractiveConsole.interact() should thus fail. The issue is that the fileno() method of _WindowsConsoleIO isn't raising ValueError like it should when the file is closed and closefd is false. I've created issue 34187 with a suggested fix.

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