[docs] [issue26979] The danger of PyType_FromSpec()

Christian Tismer report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jun 2 06:30:09 EDT 2018

Christian Tismer <tismer at stackless.com> added the comment:

There is another catch that belongs in the same category.

There is line 2841 in typeobject.c

    if (type->tp_dealloc == NULL) {
        /* It's a heap type, so needs the heap types' dealloc.
           subtype_dealloc will call the base type's tp_dealloc, if
           necessary. */
        type->tp_dealloc = subtype_dealloc;

When converting the PySide types, it became a real problem. Types with an
existing tp_dealloc behaved normal, but those with tp_dealloc=NULL
gave segfaults. I ended up supplying a default dummy_dealloc()
that is just there to occupy this slot. Then it worked.

And another source of incompatibility:

PyType_FromSpec() enforces a tp_name field to be dotted, to compute a module
name. Very annoying incompatibility that could be avoided.

A small but remarkable glitch:
Most fields of the PyType_Spec/PyType_Slot combo are copied, but some are not.
So expect funny behaviour when creating types with dynamically generated
specs without strdup. That should IMHO be changed.

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