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Wed Jun 13 09:12:22 EDT 2018

New submission from Andrés Delfino <adelfino at gmail.com>:

I think the idea of having "list" inside parentheses is to document that in case of sequences, only "one-expression" expression lists are legal.

That being said, IMHO, explaining that in actual prose would be better, but removing the parentheses (taking into account that there's a description of what the expected evaluation of sequences subscription expression lists is) is enough, plus, it's the production list term's name.

If a prose is considered better, it could read:

"If the primary is a sequence, the expression list must be formed by only one expression, and it must evaluate to an integer or a slice (as discussed in the following section)."

Couldn't find the original author. It was committed before the move to mercurial, and I don't know if there's a subversion repo still available to see historical changes.

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