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Terry J. Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> added the comment:

The paragraph reads:

Under Unix, a complete program can be passed to the interpreter in three forms: with the -c string command line option, as a file passed as the first command line argument, or as standard input. If the file or standard input is a tty device, the interpreter enters interactive mode; otherwise, it executes the file as a complete program.

This is slightly confusing because a complete programs cannot be passed all at once if the file (regular or stdin) is interactive.

Not being a Windows expert, I was curious whether the standard input part is true for Win 10.  Indeed, both "python con:" and "python <con:" (as well as just "python") start Python in interactive mode, which both "python file" and "python < file" executes the file.

Ned, is the statement untrue for MacOS, or does 'Unix' always include Macs?  In other words, should we add 'Windows' or delete 'Unix'?

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