[docs] [issue33553] possible documentation improvement proposal for multiprocessing

Derek Kim report at bugs.python.org
Thu May 17 03:15:18 EDT 2018

New submission from Derek Kim <bluewhale8202 at gmail.com>:

>>> from multiprocessing import Pool
>>> p = Pool(5)
>>> def f(x):
...     return x*x
>>> p.map(f, [1,2,3])

This example in the document is confusing because this is already wrong code when run with fork method even if you run it as a script. With fork start method, f should be defined before p is created.

Also, just advising that one shouldn't use interactive shell and should run multiprocessing code in if __name__ == '__main__' is not informative becuase those conditions are generally no problem with fork method.

Can I try improving the documentation?

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title: possible documentation improvement proposal for multiprocessing
versions: Python 3.8

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