[docs] [issue35786] get_lock() method is not present for Values created using multiprocessing.Manager()

Dávid Nemeskey report at bugs.python.org
Wed Aug 7 05:00:58 EDT 2019

Dávid Nemeskey <nemeskeyd at gmail.com> added the comment:

Nothing in the documentation says that multiprocessing.Value and the object returned by manager.Value() is any different. Nor is it clear why they should be.

It is perfectly understandable to expect that manager.Value() is actually of type multiprocessing.Value. It is also a valid assumption that the "canonical" way to acquire such objects are from a Manager, not directly. An example that reinforces this assumption is that of the Queue class, which HAS to be created through a Manager, lest we get "RuntimeError: Queue objects should only be shared between processes through inheritance".

In conclusion, I think this is definitely a valid issue. What I am not so sure about is if it is (just) an issue in the documentation or the API itself.

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