[docs] [issue37862] Search doesn't find built-in functions

Kim Oldfield report at bugs.python.org
Wed Aug 21 22:41:25 EDT 2019

Kim Oldfield <python at oldfield.wattle.id.au> added the comment:

Usually the search page is the quickest way to find documentation about a module or function - quicker than navigating through a couple of levels of pages (documentation home, index, index by letter, scroll or search in page to find desired name, click on name).

Searching for builtin functions is inconsistent. Some functions (eg getattr) are found as expected in a search, while other functions (eg zip and many others) aren't found in the search results. This could easily lead someone to incorrectly concluding that the function they are search for doesn't exist in python.

I find the response of "The search page is the last thing one should use" strange. Surely as the option to search is there, and it mostly works, we should be making incremental improvements as necessary to make it better so that everyone can easily find the right parts of the python documentation.


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