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Julien Palard julien at palard.fr
Tue Jul 9 09:46:43 EDT 2019


> May I know the Python 2.7 cant to be used after 1st January 2020? Hope I get feedback from you. Thank you

This does not look like a documentation related issue. Please use docs@ for docs related issues only.

Python 2.7 will still *work* (as "it won't explode") after jan. 1 2020, but bugs in it will no longer be fixed and no features will be added.

Please note that Python 3 is more than 10 years old, and most libraries are dropping Python 2 support this year, so you should consider using Python 3 even if Python 2 won't literaly "explode" on jan 1 2020.

Julien Palard

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