[docs] [issue37545] Argparse Tutorial - unreasonable operators

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Thu Jul 11 00:53:26 EDT 2019

Zachary Ware <zachary.ware at gmail.com> added the comment:

I don't agree with the proposed change; I think the examples are fine as is.

Using `>= 1` means if you later decide that the `-vv` message should actually only happen at `-vvv` and `-vv` should get the same message as `-v`, you only have to change the 2 to a 3 and you're done.  With `== 1` you have to remember to either change `== 1` to `>= 1` or switch to `in {1, 2}`, or (more likely) forget to make the change initially and have to go back and fix it later.

The last example especially must not be changed; it is explicitly showing how to emit additional messages at higher verbosity levels.

I recommend closing this issue.

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