[docs] [issue36853] inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2)

Julien Palard report at bugs.python.org
Thu May 9 15:49:55 EDT 2019

Julien Palard <julien+python at palard.fr> added the comment:

Hi Jaraco,

We're using sphinx 1.8 in production (docs.python.org) but we're ready for sphinx 2 so we should upgrade, and when we'll upgrade, we'll upgrade it everywhere.

You're right, `make venv` does not specify a version, at the sphinx 2 bump we'll have to pin it here too and try to get a single point of truth about which version we're using.

I've just locally ran sphinx 2.0.0 on 071cbd4ea1 (the current tip of your PR) and I'm not getting any error, which one are you getting?


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