[docs] [issue37019] Create symlinks relative to cwd

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Thu May 23 03:35:01 EDT 2019

SilentGhost <ghost.adh at runbox.com> added the comment:

This would be backward incompatible change. I just wanted to point out that the symlink was only broken because the file did not exist, and one might want to legitimately create a link relative to the target's location. I'd imagine creating a link in the same directory is one such example. I think the issue you're raising can be addressed in documentation, by making clear that the relative link will be relative to target. This is already done in the given example for symlink_to, but could be improved using a target in subdirectory and a clarifying note.

The relative_to issue does indeed deserve a separate issue (if there isn't one already).

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nosy: +SilentGhost, docs at python, serhiy.storchaka
title: using pathlib objects to create symlinks produces broken links -> Create symlinks relative to cwd
versions: +Python 3.8

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