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mars majotito at gmail.com
Sun May 26 10:10:02 EDT 2019

    I have a suggestions but I have no idea if someone suggested it before.
    In the sample code blocks, I typically look back-and-forth between the
description above to the sample code below, trying to see the correct use
of the function in the topic illustrated. But, sometimes you have illegal
code in the sample box, which makes comprehension difficult for me along
the way. In my mind, starting off, these samples are "correct", and I am
trying in my mind to link the illustrated code to the explanation above.
Only, sometimes, down below in the paragraph, one line in the text is says
"the following is illegal", which to me is yet another thing I need to hold
in my head while trying to stuff more info in there. It would be helpful,
perhaps, to color the box of the illegal code another way, or, in the
interest of eventual printout, a double-frame box, an "ILLEGAL" text block,
or some other visual cue.
   Specifically, this occurs in the third paragraph in this section:
  Thank you for the consideration. I am finding this documentation very
helpful, and I really appreciate the efforts to make this clear and easy to
read. I hope this suggestion might help others in the same boat I am. I
know a smattering of programming, mostly BASIC from back-in-the-day, and
dabbled in assembly and C++, mostly adapting others' programs, learning
just enough to bend the program enough. Moving on to Python, I am looking
to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of this language. I
am really liking it so far, and looking forward to learning more.
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