[docs] [issue36896] clarify in types.rst that FunctionTypes & co constructors don't have stable signature

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Fri May 31 13:43:40 EDT 2019

Pablo Galindo Salgado <pablogsal at gmail.com> added the comment:

Although I completely agree with the decision of figuring out an explicit consensus regarding these APIs, I will explain a bit my +1:

My +1 is not about the usage of PyCode_New, is about the usage of `types.CodeType`. The constructor for the later has never been documented on the Python side, so one could argue that is not a supported feature to manually construct code objects.

The more we expose and call "stable" regarding internals, the less freedom we will have to apply optimizations and add additional data members to internal structures.

With this, I am not saying that we should say that whoever uses this is a "roge" project but marking these APIs as stable will greatly restrict future changes.

nosy: +pablogsal

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