[Python Edinburgh] Edinburgh Python Pub Meetup

Nicholas Radcliffe Nicholas.Radcliffe at StochasticSolutions.com
Sat Jan 29 14:34:20 CET 2011

> In addition to card tricks, python was occasionally discussed.   
> Particularly
> relating to databases and data analysis.
> The django database model was mentioned along with sqlalchemy.   
> Douglas was
> looking for ammo to support choosing python over php and I was  
> trying to
> recall the php equivalent of sqlalchemy ( http://www.doctrine-project.org/ 
>  &
> http://www.propelorm.org/ )
> For data analysis I think everyone had heard of numpy, scipy and
> matplotlib.  I also mentioned http://mdp-toolkit.sourceforge.net/  
> but then
> didn't explain what it does especially well.

Hi Folks

I just joined the list the other day, and intend to try to come along  
to Berts (my old hunting ground) for one of the next meetings, but I  
was interest to see this.   As it happens, data analysis in python is  
exactly what I do most of the time.   If anyone's interested, there is  
some sketchy information about my analysis software, Miró, at http://stochasticsolutions.com/miro.html 
.   Although it's not open source, and is used for some fairly serious  
commercial work (despite still technically being in beta), there's no  
fixed commercial model, and in the right circumstances it can be  
available free.

Anyway, I'm interested that data analysis is interesting to some of  
the Edinburgh pythonistas.   All the more reason to come along next  


Nick Radcliffe


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