[Python Edinburgh] Fwd: [refresh-edinburgh] [Sort-of-OT] Join us for the Social Innovation Camp weekend, 17th-19th June 2011!

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Thu Jun 2 16:29:02 CEST 2011

Sorry to those of you on Refresh, but if you haven't seen this,
they're looking for developers.

Enjoyed the pub session on tues, as ever.


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Hello all,

We’ve spent the last 10 weeks scouring the country to find the most
promising back-of-the-envelope ideas that use web and mobile-based
technology to solve a social problem.

We had a huge 97 ideas submitted to Social Innovation Camp June 2011
and our judges have chosen just six of the best to help build over one
weekend, from 17th-19th June 2011 at the Informatics Ventures Forum,

And here they are:

1.) invisibleRamps - a site for people with cognitive and
psychological disabilities – from colour-blindness to autism – to
suggest ways to make buildings, public spaces and workplaces more

2.) Homeshare - A site that matches older people who have a spare room
with unpaid interns who need somewhere to stay for the duration of
their internships

3.) Bubble - a mobile game for tracking and encouraging social contact
between people

4.) Foodini - a mobile app and website providing real-time information
on local food deals

5.) Lend-a-hand - a messaging tool for carers to ask family, friends
and neighbours for help with quick-and-easy every-day tasks where a
little bit of brief help goes a long way

6.) Volunteer Impact - inspired by the happiness-tracking app,
Mappiness, this is a tool for volunteers to self-measure the impact
volunteering has on their personal well-being

Now we’re looking for people with technical and creative talent to
come and help turn these early-stage ideas into real working
prototypes – all in just 48 hours.

We’re looking for developers, designers and people who understand the
problems we’re trying to solve.

Where: Informatics Ventures Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh,
Midlothian EH8 9AB

When: 7pm, Friday 17th June to 4pm, Sunday 19th June 2011.

Sign up here to get involved!

All best wishes,

The Social Innovation Camp team

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