[Python Edinburgh] using django to create db for app?

Alex Bird alex at alexbird.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 20:44:21 CET 2012

Oh, right, neither in fact!

I was simply wanting to use django as the admin interface for creating a
static (though I guess it needn't be) database which lives in the app.  The
file could be part of the app bundle and/or a download.  Of course not all
apps need to keep much data, or *can* because it needs to be updated, but
for some this is a key part.  There's no reason, in principle, why this
database couldn't also back a webservice or website, but sqlite3 probably
wouldn't be your first choice for that.

Following on from django's DRY principles, I also want to generate the base
model classes, in Objective-C in this case, from the model code.  To keep
things simple, these would be subclassed for use, so the base classes
corresponding to a database file can be 'dropped into' the app at the same
time; any breaking changes would need to be resolved manually.

I'm definitely not wanting to run django on the phone, or any internal
webserver, a-la-PhoneGap.  Nor do I want to create any sort of ORM to run
on the phone.  I'm sure there are specific use cases for these approaches,
but for performance and ease of debugging I don't think either is great.


On 25 January 2012 08:24, Dougal Matthews <dougal85 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday, 24 January 2012 at 23:43, Philip Hunt wrote:
> > On 24 January 2012 23:19, Alex Bird <alex at alexbird.co.uk (mailto:
> alex at alexbird.co.uk)> wrote:
> > > Hey Pythonistas,
> > >
> > > Sorry not to make it yet another meetup!
> > >
> > > I'm just wondering if anyone else is using django to build the sqlite3
> > > database for a smartphone app?
> >
> >
> >
> > Do you mean a website designed to be accessed by smartphones, or do
> > you mean an application that will run on a smartphone's internal web
> > server?
> I had guessed that Alex meant running the code on the phone, and perhaps
> only using Django for its ORM. If this is the case, the first hurdle will
> be
> running the code, i think with Jython you'll get something working on
> Android but it will probably be a massive paid. On iOS I guess your out of
> luck.
> Dougal
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