[Python Edinburgh] Allow myself to introduce.......myself!

Desmond Devlin desmonddevlin at operamail.com
Sat Oct 26 22:03:26 CEST 2013

I'm a 34 Year-Old Full Time Carer from Northern Ireland who graduated in
IT back in 2001 but was unable to find an ideal Job in IT. Over the past
6 1/2 Years I used Poetry as a means of self-therapy, but now I wish to
return to programming in order to find work.

I was inspired to return to programming by the viral code.org Video made
9 Months ago; which I saw on the LinkedIn profile of an old Uni Mate;
and was later egged on to get back to programming by another ex-Uni mate
on LinkedIn.

Although my primary focus is PHP and Java, I would also like to learn
Python to keep my options open. I have Netbeans 7.4 for HTML, Java and
PHP. Does that IDE also do Python? If not, I installed a Python compiler
last Christmas when I was doing things Half heatedly.

That's enough about myself, I hope that this will be a valuable journey
for me.



  Desmond Devlin
  desmonddevlin at operamail">desmonddevlin at operamail.com

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