[Python Edinburgh] Pub Meetup Tomorrow: **Different Venue**

Mark Smith mark.smith at practicalpoetry.co.uk
Mon Aug 25 15:19:25 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I've changed the venue for tomorrow's meetup to The Potting Shed, on
Potterrow [1]. It's the next step in our ongoing quest for the perfect
venue :-) The Potting Shed is a bit more expensive than The Southsider, but
the food's much better, and we won't be competing with football when
there's a big match on. I thought we'd try it this month and see how it

The pub meetup is a great opportunity to meet up with other Python
developers in Edinburgh and find out what they're up to! Developers of all
levels are welcome, and there will be pictures of the Python logo on the
table to help any newcomers to identify us.

Next month, we're going to have a code dojo followed by the pub. I'll email
out more details closer to the time.

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