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The only people who have an input into which days the workshop runs are
Fanduel/venue provider and the person who is in charge of the workshop.
They should be the ones who set the date/time and everyone else has to fit
in with it or not. It doesn't matter which time/day is picked there will be
people who can't make it and will say so. Some of the I can't make it then
people wouldn't be able to make it if you held it in their front room with
free coke and hookers while they were on a tag.

On 1 December 2014 at 14:24, Bald, Glenn <Glenn.Bald at forestry.gsi.gov.uk>

> Hello Everyone,
> So we are doing this! It's great so many people are interested in
> getting involved. I was thinking venue was going to be biggest hurdle,
> but looks like we have options. This excellent well done everyone.
> We seem to have people of all levels and varying backgrounds which
> should be good. Like the real world some problems will have simple
> solutions and other will be more complex so there will be something for
> all abilities(Even people who have never programmed).
> Shall we aim for a once every two weeks meet?
> Is there any preference for times and days? Or times and days you don't
> want?
> How long should we make each session?
> Mark/Douglas/Paul
> Depending on numbers of people who wish to attend we could perhaps
> rotate around venues based on availability so we spread the load? Shall
> we try and pick a date and time for the 1st event?
> Cheers
> Glenn
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