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James Doig jamesdoig at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 19:02:15 CET 2014

I like Alisdair's "bring your own project" ideas (low prep time for tutors)
... I'm assuming it would be ok for people light on personal projects or
who liked the sound of another persons project could team up?

As Becky said I also imagine there would be a lot of Django project
interest (I know one of my students is keen to learn more and finish her
site so she can help out at future DG's)...  In the spirit of integration
it would be nice to have a common event that brings Python
Edinburgh/DjangoGirls/PyLadies together :)

Any day that does not clash with Python Edinburgh or PyLadies works for me
and I'll see if Hogarth can lend any office space (we're right in the city
centre at Waverly Gate) ... They've been very accommodating in the past
with venues and sponsorship previously.

So do we want to start talking dates for the initial get together? Even if
it's just a meet & greet and getting people set up with github accounts +
python/pip/venv/etc ? ... It's getting close to the festive period and I
imagine people have other commitments that may clash if we don't get a
first date in soon.

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