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Evenings and weekends are best for me anyway ; I am happy to be a helper if
it doesn't require knowledge of more than basic Python.
On 1 Dec 2014 21:24, "Magnus Hagdorn" <magnus.hagdorn at marsupium.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 2014-12-01 at 12:06 +0000, Bald, Glenn wrote:
> > Who is interested in coming either to learn or to mentor? Anyone like
> > to take the lead and organise or help organise? Do be shy or this will
> > never get off the ground.
> >
> Hi all,
> I have run python workshops in the past and would be happy to do so for
> this occasion. I have run a scientific visualisation workshop which
> really is a basic python intro in which I cover very basic language
> features, I/O and simple plotting which should be enough to replace most
> excel spreadsheets. The second course focuses on object oriented
> programming which is a lot more theoretical and covers inheritance,
> special methods and writing your own types to do useful stuff. The first
> workshop assumes no prior knowledge, the second one does assume some
> basic familiarity with python and a general idea what programming is
> about (loops, functions, etc). Both workshops take about half a day
> each. As I said, I'd be happy to run the courses again. The main
> question is one of time - I suspect it would have to be a Saturday
> afternoon or maybe on a couple of evenings. I'd also need some helpers
> who would help with the practical bits.
> Cheers
> magi
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