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Great so it looks like everyone is in general agreement. Shall we put a
plan together and go for a start in early January?
I think we are all in agree that this event HAS to be suitable for
complete beginers and for people who only do a little programming. 
We all seem to like the idea of bring-a project model? But we can see
some potential issues if projects are overlly complex? I would like to
suggest we create a list of projects then we try and put them in order
of complexity? So we start of with more managable ones. Then perhaps
move onto more complex ones depending on how people felt. We can also
try to break anything complex down into simplier exersises? So we would
be doing a sort of 'bring-a-project' but you have to add you project to
the list?
Could the people who have kindly volunteered venues suggest a couple of
dates that would be best for them? Looks likes we should avoid the 2nd
Saturday in the Month and whenever the pub meet is.  Shall we try and
arrange 2 dates per month?
I am just keeping the ball rolling feel free to push or change


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Evenings and weekends are best for me anyway ; I am happy to be a helper
if it doesn't require knowledge of more than basic Python. 

On 1 Dec 2014 21:24, "Magnus Hagdorn" <magnus.hagdorn at marsupium.org>

	On Mon, 2014-12-01 at 12:06 +0000, Bald, Glenn wrote:
	> Who is interested in coming either to learn or to mentor?
Anyone like
	> to take the lead and organise or help organise? Do be shy or
this will
	> never get off the ground.
	Hi all,
	I have run python workshops in the past and would be happy to do
so for
	this occasion. I have run a scientific visualisation workshop
	really is a basic python intro in which I cover very basic
	features, I/O and simple plotting which should be enough to
replace most
	excel spreadsheets. The second course focuses on object oriented
	programming which is a lot more theoretical and covers
	special methods and writing your own types to do useful stuff.
The first
	workshop assumes no prior knowledge, the second one does assume
	basic familiarity with python and a general idea what
programming is
	about (loops, functions, etc). Both workshops take about half a
	each. As I said, I'd be happy to run the courses again. The main
	question is one of time - I suspect it would have to be a
	afternoon or maybe on a couple of evenings. I'd also need some
	who would help with the practical bits.
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	Edinburgh at python.org

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