[Python Edinburgh] Python for Data Analysis?

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Sorry, forgot the Coursera details:


On 22 December 2014 at 08:00, Douglas Houston <
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> Does anyone have this book?
> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Python-Data-Analysis-Wrangling-IPython/dp/1449319793
> I'm thinking about my planned future use of Python and what I want to do
> with it.  I'm looking to get into data science and using it to train
> machine learning algorithms. The following shows the Coursera courses I've
> signed up to (10 in total) to learn how to do this.
> Should I use Python (in which case a book like this looks useful), or
> should I use R?
> My R and Python skills are probably on a par right now, but I'm unlikely
> to have the time to get properly fluent in both at the same time any time
> soon, so I have to make a decision.
> The Data Science Coursera course is focussed solely on R, so perhaps I
> should just roll with that?
> Any one have any advice?
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