[Python Edinburgh] google api python libraries and oauth2

Mark Smith mark.smith at practicalpoetry.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 18:03:37 CET 2014

Hey Nick,

Sorry for the late response. Twitter used to offer a 'token' based OAuth
workflow that used to give the user a 4-digit code that they would then
enter into the terminal. Unfortunately, I don't think any OAuth service
offers a terminal-only workflow - at some point the user always needs to
open up a web-page.

It might be worth having a look at https://foauth.org/ and see if it suits
your requirements.


On 10 October 2014 22:02, Nick Apostolakis <nickapos at oncrete.gr> wrote:

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> Hello,
> does anyone have any experience with using the google apis from a
> simple command line tool?
> Not a web app that has callback urls etc.
> I can't find any examples out there for simple command line tools.
> Everything seems to revolve around authenticating web apps.
> e.g even the relavant sections for legacy and backend application
> flows in requests-oauthlib are empty
> (http://requests-oauthlib.readthedocs.org/en/latest/oauth2_workflow.html)
> Thank you
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