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I have only been to one pub meet. People were friendly but I was a bit
lost. Most people seemed regulars? For me personally demonstrations and
talks possibly more useful at my stage but I can see for more
established developers pub meetup useful.

The reason I ask about GIS is I think python has a lot of potential in
GIS. I use for ArcGIS on Oracle. Also interested in it's use with QGIS
never heard of gdal (will look up). 


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On Wed, 2014-09-03 at 10:05 +0100, Bald, Glenn wrote:
> Hello,

> I do think there is a space for Educational/Presentational effents 
> that could have pizza and beer/coffee after. So yes if someone comes 
> along and wishes to organise its a good thing. BUT should not clash 
> with the timing of the pub meetup.

I haven't managed to make it to a pub meeting but really should do.
Having more stuff in my calendar makes it even more tricky. So I'd
prefer to keep it simple. I think the issue with talks is that it is
tricky getting a stream of good talks. So having regular pub meetings
with the occasional talk is more feasible. 

> Since I am emailing everyone Does anyone use Python in a GIS context?

We (at the School of GeoSciences) have a good number of people using
python in a GIS context, both together with arcgis and gdal and friends.

Any particular questions?


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