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Hello Python Edinburgh!

This email is a two parter - what's next followed by the results of the
poll. The full poll results minus contact details are in the attachment.

What's next
There was a resounding demand to have the talks separate from the pub
night. As such I propose to try and have talks in the diagonally opposite
weeks from the pub night. That would be the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The
provisional date for first such event would be October 7th.
I'll be jumping in IRC to talk through the details with Mark and then will
try seeing about the venue.

I'll be sending out follow-up email once a venue has been secured, to look
for who could contribute with the talks.

Results of the poll

29 people participated
7 have zero interest in talks

talks + drinks vs 2 events
19 people want to keep the pub night separate

9 yes on willing to give a talk and 2 probably

3 of the people who responded said that their company could help hosting a
talk night

14 out of 29 have given a talk before
all 4 respondents that have been <3 months with py edinburgh would be
willing to give a talk
12 of the respondents have been members less than a year
15 are 1+ years (6 of which 3+ years)

9 people expressed heavy dislike for meetup.com

Roughly 14 people appreciate informal atmosphere, 8 of which fear that
talks might ruin that
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