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Hi Paul,

I've been told that I'm good at explaining things by the two people I've
had working for me. I'm not the most experienced programmer in this group
by far, but in terms of getting you off the ground with python, advanced
OOP, and good coding practices (and making you understand WHY good
practices are considered good, which I think is crucial) I'm happy to put
myself forward. I also spend a lot of time thinking about how best to teach
programming (do all programmers do this?)
One thing I'll definitely lack compared to others is experience in
large-scale team programming, agile, scrum etc... Almost all the projects I
undertake are or could be one-man projects, which I have drafted help on
from others when I had too many projects on my hands. The workflow, tooling
and how you go about being agile on small projects is considerably
different to much of what you'll read about agile in books and blogs which
tends to be targeted at big team projects. A lot of the practices simply
aren't applicable on small projects, or ones where you are simultaneously
the dev, the client, the QA and the stakeholder. On the flip-side it's too
easy to skip inculding a good practice in your workflow because it seems
like too much hassle for the size of project. If it's those kind projects
you're going for, then I'm perhaps better placed to guide you in the right
Note that python isn't going to get you very far on mobile apps (except for
the backend) that's mostly javascript & HTML land, and you'll be using an
entirely different toolset to get ahead of the game (e.g. Node is crucial
for JS these days, and something like PhoneGap or Titanium can really make
a difference for mobile dev). But a good basis in general programming will
definitely help, and python is as good a language as you can get to get
your feet off the ground.

If you're interested, PM me so we can meet up and figure out a rate of


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> Dear Edinburgh Pythonistas
> Sorry I have not beenable to attend any of the events so far this year, my
> job takes me away fromhome quite a bit. This is not likely to change in the
> coming months but I amstill keen to start climbing the steep learning curve
> whenever I am at home inEdinburgh. For this reason I am looking for a
> private tutor to teach me theropes, to learn through doing. I would like 2
> or 3 hours per week whenever I amhere, which at the moment is about 2 weeks
> each month. Not sure what the goingrate is but I?m happy to pay a premium
> for a real guru.
> My background is inParticle Physics and Economics and I currently work for
> WHO and UNICEF inimmunization supply chain design and data analysis. I wish
> to develop web andmobile apps for my line of work, but I also hope one day
> to start developingsimple economics educational apps/games.
> Any advice,suggestions, interest?
> Cheers, Paul
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