[Python Edinburgh] Python Dojo - Tuesday, 4th August, 6:30pm

Laurence Billingham laurence.billingham at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 18:07:09 CEST 2015

Thank you Mark,

Is there a way I can help in organizing pythonedinburgh meetings?
Is there some equivalent of the check lists at
https://github.com/techmeetup/edinburgh? Would creating one help?
(I only found site and dojo stuff at https://github.com/python-edinburgh/)


On 28 July 2015 at 16:52, Mark Smith <mark.smith at practicalpoetry.co.uk>

> If you just want to sign up, here's the link:
> http://www.eventbrite.com/e/python-dojo-tickets-17934003086?aff=peml
> Food and drink will be provided. If you have any specific dietary
> requirements, email me directly to let me know.
> --Mark
> If you want to know what a dojo is, here's the description I wrote last
> time:
> # Python Edinburgh Dojos
> A dojo is an opportunity to get together with a bunch of other
> developers and practice our craft in a friendly and informal
> environment. It's an opportunity to learn from (or help) your peers
> and to work with technologies that maybe you don't encounter in your
> everyday role.
> We find the original coding dojos, as laid out by the Paris user group
> to be very formal and slightly intimidating! Instead, we loosely
> follow the format of the London Python Dojos.
> ## Stage 1: Gather
> We all get together at an agreed place and time. We chat until we
> think that everyone is here.
> ## Stage 2: Pick a Project
> Everyone gets around the whiteboard and throws around ideas for
> something we could attempt to achieve in a couple of hours. We put
> together a list and then everyone votes on their favourite idea. The
> ideal idea should be fun, challenging but not impossible in the time.
> ## Stage 3: Pick Teams
> Teams are chosen organically based on general experience and more
> specific experience with the kind of chosen project. The teams should
> all be of mixed experience -- we encourage total newbies to get stuck
> in!
> ## Stage 4: Solve the Problem
> Each team gathers to work somewhere in the space provided and attempts
> to solve the problem. The solution can lean whatever way the team
> decides: practical, hacky, fun or totally ludicrous.
> ## Stage 5: Demo your Solution
> It's showtime! You demo your solution (working or not) to the other
> teams and say what you learned (if anything). This is particularly
> good if your solution is silly.
> Depending on how the whole group feels, we may or may not elect a
> winner. There is no prize except experience :)
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