[Python Edinburgh] pandas/numpy/scipy/pyspark/R/spark/etc 'data science' group?

Mike Moran mike at houseofmoran.com
Mon Jun 22 22:10:46 CEST 2015


I tweeted before about this before:

I raised the subject again at work (skyscanner) today. Quite a few of us
would like a local ‘data science’ group which covered
pandas/numpy/scipy/pyspark/R/spark/etc because there is a lot of
cross-pollination between these, and people interested in using and solving
problems with one are likely to be interested in all the others.

I was wanting to have a chat about this at the Python meetup tomorrow, but
I can't make it :-( FYI, there are about 8 people at skyscanner who
expressed an interest, but I don't really want it being a skyscanner-only
thing as that reduces the chance of fruitful sharing across fields.

Thoughts/opinions? Mhairi McNeill / Laurence Billingham : are you on list?
(you said you were interested).

Btw, I'm going to head along to
in case it fits the bill. I shall report back.


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