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What's the MEAT system?!

On 25 March 2015 at 13:51, Robin Spira <robin at fanduel.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> These week's engineering update is below - following some good feedback
> last week we've made a couple of subtle enhancements to the layout and
> switched it around so that the Roadmap leads the way...
> Robin
> Roadmap Projects
> ProjectStatus/Highlight/Lowlight*Quick Win Release of the Week*Higher
> user-created H2H buy-insDeployed a release that adds three new buy-in
> values for user-created head-to-head contests. These can now be selected on
> the 'create contests' screen at for both desktop and smartphone sites.
> DiscoveryAdmin Tools
> Security workshop held within Engineering last week, looking to open
> discussion out to wider project team for approval this week.
> Engineering discussion this week to validate scaling analysis and produce
> options for addressing NFL 2015 scaling needs.
> Data & Analytics
> Data Visualisation: positive demonstration held with Pentaho on 03/03.
> Session scheduled for 24th on Sizing / usage questionnaire with Eng / BI to
> complete information required by Pentaho to receive a full quote. Session
> with vendor scheduled for w/c 30th.
> Web Analytics: Contract signed off for move to Google Analytics Premium.
> Session with Google scheduled for 25th to start to plan out engagement post
> arrangement commencing on 1st of April.
> Iterative stream: Backlog in process of being formed and prioritised.
> Project RefreshCS & external email audit complete with catch up planned
> for NY this week to agree next steps.Finance
> Output from the 2 day workshops from 26th / 27th Feb written up and
> circulated to attendees. Breakdown of programme scope into a prioritised
> list of delivery items complete.
> Finance programme team in NY this week for a 2 day workshop with NetSuite
> in New York on the 25th and 26th March.
> Further sessions also to be held in NY on Ticketing and Process.
> Moving to DeliveryLobbyLobby Inception is planned for 30th March to 1st
> April to be held in Edinburgh. Participants from all affected areas have
> been identified and invitations sent. Inception planning and preps taking
> place this week.EnvironmentsSprint 2 in progress - Historical has now
> been added to the Devstack and work is underway to add API to the Devstack
> template. Initial static data has been identified and proven. Work to
> handle the service clients is ongoing.Scalability
> Just finished planning new sprint for Scalability. Focus will be on quick
> wins following on from Percona audit of HDProd, Game Services and Load
> Balancing.
> Stress Test for ScalabilityEnvironments now working for edit testing. No
> problems identified with log-ins. So far tests show us being able to
> perform 400-800 edits per second, with a 2 minute cycle. Investigating
> cause for this. Given that our conservative KPI for 2015 is 1120 and
> aggressive 1920 edits per second still need to ramp up testing.In Delivery
> Settlement
> Sprint 3 (Prepare Contest) closed and Sprint 4 (Seats) started. We now
> have test resource working through the backlog of tests,aiming to catch up
> this sprint. This sprint gets us to a position where we have the basic end
> to end settlement pipeline in place. This will lead onto initial
> performance and (robustness) re-entrant testing in the next sprint.
> Draft Screen
> Current sprint ends on Wednesday, final stories are in dev and confident
> to close sprint off with no carry over. This sprint puts in position to
> start release of draft screen to public with just some URI work which take
> place in following sprint. Additionally JFDI request for additional H2H
> stake levels is complete and product have confirmed it for launch.
> Know Your CustomerJava based verification attempt storage is progressing.
> Full sprint planning is scheduled this week to rebuild the end to end plan
> including the geo-location requirements.Line Up Centric Live ScoringSprint
> 1 currently in development focusing on live scoring, environments for
> testing and development and empty state (i.e. no live games). Some
> finalisation on design being worked on.API & Mobile Apps projectSprint
> planning completed with target content of the new 3 H2H price points, QPR
> for Kotikan and initial LCLS requirements.Game Services and Platform
> Team mainly focused on scaleability improvements with additional specific
> effort on KYC, Environments, Stress testing and Ledger work for settlement.
> (All other cards are on the "customer" boards.).
> Sportdata
> The sportdata release intended to go out last week with "last used date"
> API capability for Draft Screen, scalability improvements and settlement
> fixes was delayed till Monday to prevent any impact to the Android release.
> Note: This release has surfaced an issue with NHL live scores and has been
> rolled back.
> Sportdata support for LCLS appears now to have a good technical solution
> resolving both consistency and scalability. This goes into planning this
> week.
> (Cards moving to being on customer boards)
> Turbo Proof of ConceptFirst week of Turbo development has gone very well.
> Sports data is streaming into the prototype from the sportsdatallc.com API,
> and simple scoring is being completed on game events. Next up is building
> the lineup/player data layer in preparation for a small test game (via a
> console interface, as work has not yet begun on the HTML5 mobile app
> component of Turbo).
> Non Roadmap
> Project
> Area
> Status
> *Site Uptime*Web100% uptime. API100% uptime. Site Issues
> A CBB game went into triple overtime last Saturday. It appears the stats
> provider sent a boxfile with a typo in it, causing the final score to
> appear incorrectly on the iOS and Android apps. The typo had no impact on
> users' winnings or total points earned, it was only a display issue.
> (Cosmetic Issue)
> On Monday night Live Scoring for NHL was not updating correctly for 1hour
> 15 minutes. Games were showing as live, but scores were fixed at 0 for all
> players/teams/seats. The latest Sportdata release was rolled back and
> resolved the issue. (Minor Issue)
> *Infrastructure*AWS
> AWS Technical account manager to visit the office every 2 weeks initially,
> poised to help us with ELB and future scaling work.
>  DBAHave prioritised a portion of work to begin with, other cards need to
> be run through a stresstest - work ongoing. Stress testingHaving more and
> more areas of the app built in CloudFormation has allowed us to speed up
> the provisioning of this environment and allows quicker tear-up and
> tear-down of apps and services - work still ongoing but edit flow is
> functional. AWS API rate limits have slowed this work down but a PR is
> under discussion to resolve this. Monitoring
> Deploying DataDog component-by-component and setting up alerts on those
> components. Also supporting stresstesting team with dashboards and
> monitoring features.
> Trialling new version of graylog against logstash/kibana and splunk to
> discover differences and make decision on syslog tool going forward.
>  PenTestingWorked with Penetration Tester to discover likely areas of
> vulnerability, awaiting their report.Office ITAreas of Focus
> Looking into Compliance requirements -
>    - Restructuring Google admin OU's to reflect organisational structure
>    w/b 23rd
>    - Enforcing 2 step verification to specific OU's w/b 23rd
>    - Awaiting results of In-house security/penetration testing.
>    - Management solutions, looking at 1 or 2 in more detail - decision
>    w/e 27th
>    - Onboarding project meeting - streamlining New york process for IT
>    onboarding and shared documentation processes that Edinburgh uses.
>    - Updated new start equipment for Edinburgh - shared with New York.
>    - Testing and evaluating mobile device & device lab management policy
> Awaiting results of In-house security/penetration testing before deciding
> on VPN solution - looking at in-house solution due to timescale issues
> with vendor
> Planning discussion around security and suitability of storage preferences
> (Google drive/Dropbox) - To discuss with Adam Holder
> Looking at desktop cable management for all office meeting spaces with
> additional signage for sources/inputs. Apple TV, Chromecast installed in
> theatre area and PS4 to be installed.
> Boardroom upgraded with new screens
>  NYC Office
> AV cable installations progressing - Screen/AV installation commencing
> w/e 27th
>  Edinburgh Office
> Control system for office screens - Programming w/b 23rd March
> Additional screens installations - general office when suitable.
> Polycom - Demo 25th
> Sky installation - chasing third party to run cables w/e 27th
> MEAT system - awaiting more stock to commence installation
> Back up Leased LIne ordered - progressed to next stage.
>  Glasgow Office
> Leased Line contract - next stage - civils & engineering
> IT requirements - basic requirements
> Sky/screens/meeting rooms/VPN, firewall, network config requirements -
> continuing to plan requirements
> <https://fanduel.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=30572614>
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