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Hi Andrew,
I would be interested, if still available.


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Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I'm aiming to launch a couple of Python courses in
Edinburgh, and am looking for volunteers to help tweak the content. This
would involve attending a run through of the course over a day or two
(free Python training, yay!) and providing feedback.

The two courses are:

  * Python Quickstart (Aimed at beginners)
  * Working faster with Python (Aimed at people who work with Python,
but missed out on proper developer training e.g. academics, researchers,
analysts, IT people)

There's more details on the website: http://www.codecoaching.ninja 

If you are interested either in helping refine the courses or attending
once they're ready, please let me know. Although I have experience
coaching one to one, group courses are a new venture so if anyone has
question or suggestions, I'm all ears!

You can use the contact form on the website, or email me directly.
Needless to say, forwarding this on to potentially interested parties
will result in much good karma coming your way.

Thanks for reading.


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