[Python Edinburgh] Autonomous Development Group Invite

John Evans john at onethreethree.net
Wed Mar 1 08:29:31 EST 2017

Hi everyone, my name's John and I came to the python meetup yesterday to
see if anyone was interested in a project I'm starting. It's a group for
programmers to create tools that multiply the efforts of the people whose
efforts we want to multiply e.g. environmentalists, anti-racist
campaigners, disability activists etc.

The first tool I'd like to build is an app to easily make or join a
workplace union, as there are a lot of existing technologies that could be
brought together to make some very powerful software.

If you're interested, follow this link for more information:
https://autodevgroupedin.wordpress.com, and if you're really interested
send me an email and I'll add you to the slack chat

Thanks for reading,
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