[Edu-sig] On the front page

Arthur Siegel siegel@eico.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:11:19 -0400

>To be fair, Alice is a 3D world-building tool specifically designed to be
>usable with as little training as possible by non-engineers and
>non-mathematicians. The research that I've seen around the use of Alice by
>students relates primarily to interface and virtual reality.

I have one more thing to add on the subject, I'm afraid.

To make sure I wasn't nuts, I went into the childrens section of a mall
store and found at least 3 products designed to do very much what Alice
3D world-building tools - animation and sound - for children.  One was
I didn't buy any, but I will assume that they are surviving in the
and kid's actually use them. Which is great.

So it is not good enoguh, in my mind, to justify Alice's significance that
it does
3D world-building simple enough for children. There's alot out there that
does that.

Alice does take it a step further by employing Python scripting, true.  But
if someone
else has a design whereby they have a macro capability attached to a
joystick, let's say,
and avoids scripting - isn't that an 'improvement' in design, depending on
your goals.

If you see my point.