[Edu-sig] Getting it going

Ulf Engstrøm ulf.engstrom@b2b-link.com
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 16:50:39 CET

Seems like some people have gathered up now, but still the posting is close 
to nothing.
With what intentions do you all get into this and what kind of discussions 
should we have? The post from Matthias Felleisen for example wasn't really 
focusing on Python but on CP4E using any existing languages or creating one. 
Are we focusing on general CP4E or Python? Do we wanna build new tools, make 
smaller implications of the core language of Python, or discuss how to 
teach, which books are good for teaching and what books we can write? (I'm 
interested either way:)

I've been programming for a couple of years and stumbled onto Python 6 
months ago, and now I do all my programming in Python. I'm trying to help 
some of my friends to start programming with Python instead of C/C++ which 
they are beeing taught in school now, but don't get at all. Their progress 
in Python is a lot better however. I think Python is a perfect language to 
start out with and I'd sure like to teach it to people of any age. (I'm not 
a teacher, but I might get to teach others in my job)

What do y'll think?
Ulf Engstrøm

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