[Edu-sig] Getting it going

Dirk-Ulrich Heise hei@adtranzsig.de
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 09:33:59 +0100

Like Steve Morris, i have a kid and that's why i'm here.
I will create programs he can abuse anyway over the time,
so let's see what the others do. So, i'm interested in
"teaching programming to absolute beginners."

As kids learn fast as long as they have fun, a main objective
is to define goals that are fun. Every now and then when
i tried to explain programming to an adult programming
illiterate, they would roll their eyes and say something like:
"But *why* do you do it?" or "Why should i want to write a 

So, i go conform to the "sound&vision" ideas like "control
a 3D world" or "make noise". 2D animations could also be
interesting, the maths behind it is much easier
to grasp. So much for now.

Dirk Heise