[Edu-sig] Getting it going

Jeffrey Elkner jelkner@yorktown.arlington.k12.va.us
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 08:01:12 -0500

Hi All!

Some news and some thoughts:

1. The link to "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" is temorarily broken
while we upgrade our server to RedHat 6.1 in preparation for installing Zope. 
It will be back up by the end of today.

2. The teaching materials that Ricard Crook and Gareth McCaughan sent to me are
excellent!  We will have those up on our web site by the end of next week.

3. Taking an idea from the first edu-sig meeting at the conference, four of our
students are working on a Pokemon card game in Python.  They will be putting it
on sourceforge when it really gets underway.  I'm hoping both to give them a
fun project to work on and to have something to use to begin to interest my 8
year old son in Python.

jeff elkner