[Edu-sig] Keep Python's advantages

Steve Litt slitt@troubleshooters.com
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 15:29:34 -0500

If we have an IDE, please, please, please decouple it from the interpreter,
such that a person using an editor can achieve all the same advantages.
IDE's often require GUI, they distance the user from the concept of
instructing a computer, and often IDE created apps break hopelessly if an
app is revisited after a few IDE upgrades.

As far as case sensitivity, Python's a spectacularly good language with a
good installed base, including Zope. I'd hate to jeopardize Python's future
as a real app language just to use it for teaching. It's pretty easy the
way it is. Given the right instructional materials and a few classes to
output cool stuff like sounds and graphics, once a kid can type he/she can
use the existing Python to program, IMHO. The instructional materials are key.


Steve Litt
Webmaster, Troubleshooters.Com