[Edu-sig] Classes and learning (Was:Age groups)

Ulf Engstrøm ulf.engstrom@b2b-link.com
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 08:26:18 CET

I've been programming for quite some years and I've been through a couple of 
OO languages. I could get it working and thought I understood. When I 
learned Python (first with Guido's tutorial and then with Learning Python) I 
finally did understand for sure. The conclusion I took from my own learning 
was that either:
* It took me that long to really understand
* It's highly dependent on the language you do it in and the tutorial you 
learn it from

I think mostly the second one, that makes most sence for me. But when we 
then here the opinions from others; Gerrit thought it was hard even with 
Python, but did however get it, and others that got it immediately from any 
I believe that with the right way of teaching it anyone can understand it 
(left or right-brained, and btw I have to say I think most ppl here are 
left-brainers, but don't flame me over this one) and use it, but it can't be 
forced on the Everyone and it'll have to take some time. It's sure not the 
first thing to learn. And when you're gonna learn it it's important with a 
lot of examples, classes are kinda abstract for most people, but with 
examples it make sence.

Ulf Engstrøm

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>That's funny. My experience was quite different. When I first saw
>objects and classes it was like a relevation from God. They seemed
>intuitively obvious and the answer to my prayers. I wonder if this > is a 
>right brain/left brain thing or something.

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