[Edu-sig] Rational Division

Jeffrey Kunce kuncej@mail.conservation.state.mo.us
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 11:52:46 -0600

[Tim Peters]

> I don't buy into this.  Python's closest predecessor (ABC) *was* =
designed to
> be maximally unsurprising (via iterative user testing and redesign), and
> ended up a self-contained universe, thoroughly isolating its users even =
> their native filesystem ("too quirky").  Python tries to regularize the =
> that is the "real computing world", but doesn't try to deny or hide its
> existence.  CP4E's goals seem much more in tune with that latter.

I'm not sure that CP4E's goals are that well defined. There were a lot
of proponents for "Everyone" being virtually everyone. The Alice people
are proceeding on that premise, and they are the ones who brought up
the case and division issues.

My opinion is that CP4E should concentrate, initially, on serving those=20
who already *want* to learn or teach programming, but who are frustrated
because of lack of resources and because of the mess you refer to.
From this POV, I think python is pretty darn good just as it is