[Edu-sig] Introductions

Dustin James Mitchell djmitche@cs.uchicago.edu
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 20:05:04 -0600 (CST)

Well, 125 messages later (Eek) I guess it's time to introduce myself.  I
am an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, concentrating in
Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science.  I have worked with
children of all ages in myriad capacities, but the most interesting for
the present discourse is the Earn-A-Computer program last summer, in which
I taught Python and HTML to about 10 inner-city youth.  For various
reasons unrelated to the educationanal process, the program didn't last
long, but in the process I learned a great deal about teaching, about
children (ages 9-12), and about teaching programming to children.

My High School had no computer science courses -- it offered a minimal
computer lab, and all of the lab attendants / school technology
specialists had only one of the following skills: (a) knowledge and skills
relating to computers, (b) the ability to relate to youth.  So I ended up
teaching the programming courses there. :)


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