[Edu-sig] Lets work on the adgenda

Steve Litt slitt@troubleshooters.com
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 10:52:12 -0500

At 06:59 AM 02/11/2000 -0800, Kirby Urner wrote:
>On the other hand, if we trully think really basic changes 
>to syntax are required (e.g. changes in case sensitivity, 
>division syntax or whatever), then maybe we've decided 
>Python is _not_ suitable to this job of making computer 
>languages more accessible to more people.  Perhaps it's 
>time to disband?  Twas fun while it lasted.

But of course disbanding would be irresponsible of us to do, Kirby. Because
I think we're both of the opinion that disbanding would either gravely
delay "programming for everyone" while people argue about the best language
to use and how to change it, or it would allow an opportunistic group to
sneak in with a language to meet their agenda (Visual Basic -- what do you
want to learn today :-).

In the past few weeks of discussion there has been no proposed change to
Python with a clear majority, which says to me that for the time being our
best course is to go with the Python we have today -- the Python that
attracted most of us here in the first place. We can build a curriculum,
textbooks, teachers guide, schedule etc around that Python, and offer it to
people (I don't remember ever hearing this initiative was only for
children) of an age to assimilate it. Once we've secured our ground in that
age group, and once we have experience and feedback, we may choose to
modify the curriculum or even the language, if it's obvious we should do so.

I move we use present day Python as the centerpiece of the initiative, and
begin designing our curriculum and materials. Do I hear a second?


Steve Litt
Webmaster, Troubleshooters.Com