[Edu-sig] Hello from a CS Teacher

Jeffrey Elkner jelkner@umd5.umd.edu
Sat, 12 Feb 2000 12:02:58 -0500

Hi All!

We should all take great joy in the fact that we are in the right place at the
right time.  Python is currently undergoing a qualitative shift in its user
base, and that trend will not only continue but grow stronger in the next few
years.  If anyone has any doubts about this, just consider the number of new
Python books that have been appearing lately.  I am also completely confident
that Python will make its way into schools.  There simply isn't a language
anywhere better suited to use in schools than Python is.  We all have the good
fortune to be part of this exciting process and to help it along.  So let's get
to it!

Yes, computer clubs is one way that Python might make its way into schools
(which is to say that students themselves will bring it in through the back
door).  Zope is another way.  We shouldn't limit ourselves to one approach.


On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> Though the Python community has done little or nothing to promote itself, it
> seems to be getting more and more press these days.  Whether or not it's the
> right kind or of sufficient volume, I don't know.  Still, I wouldn't
> consider lack of press a long-term impediment to adoption.  I think your
> observations about teachers' avoidance of something new (especially if there
> is no curriculum available to support it) is going to be more of a problem.
> Maybe the way to introduce it initially is through computer clubs.  (Schools
> do have computer clubs, yes?)  Another possible hook is to get Zope
> installed and use it as the way to manage student-created web sites.  Once
> they want to do more than create flat pages, you yank hard to set the
> hook...