[Edu-sig] CS teacher

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 12:06:23 -0800

At 05:08 PM 02/14/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Kirby - Are you using Python in a classroom situation?  How do you handle
>student access to a computer?  Here in my county, the schools tend to have
>a computer lab for the CS classes, and a generic lab for math/science.
>The teachers have to sign up for computer lab time.  It's great if the
>students have the computer immediately available.

My focus is teachers.  I recently used an InFocus projector 
(courtesy of the State of Oregon) to screen content directly 
from a computer, while circulating copies of my printed materials.

Some of our districts have computers in the math class, 
including projectors (Winterhaven in Brooklyn is an example).

>  In the school I'm at now, we're talking about how to get other
>departments more involved with programming...Sounds like what you're doing
>with Python.  Are you doing it on your own, or are other teachers getting
>  Randy

Other teachers are getting involved.  But I have a head start.
It's nothing new to have programming mixed with math content.
Many math text books (e.g. McGraw-Hill) have included BASIC 
or Logo -- these were not for CS courses in particular, 
although I'm sure they could have been used that way (I don't
know in this case, as I was in McGraw-Hill, not in the 
classroom -- although I do have some years of classroom