[Edu-sig] Carnegie Mellon's new MS in Entertainment Technology

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This may be of interest to the edu-sig readers, from Randy Pausch
posted to the SIGCHI list...

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>Subject: Carnegie Mellon's new MS in Entertainment Technology
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>For Immediate Release:
>Carnegie Mellon Offers New "Masters of Entertainment Technology " Degree
>        Applications Due: March 15, 2000
>        More Information at:   http://etc.cmu.edu
>Carnegie Mellon University's new Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) has
>established a two-year Masters of Entertainment Technology degree, jointly
>offered by the College of Fine Arts and the School of Computer Science.
>The ETC program focuses on creating new processes, tools and visions for
>storytelling and entertainment.
>The ETC is headed by two co-directors: Don Marinelli, Professor in the
>School of Drama, and Randy Pausch, Professor of Computer Science and HCI.
>"Our masters in entertainment technology addresses the issues inherent in
>the new interactive media that are driving the entertainment industry,"
>says Pausch.  Specifically, how we share control of an experience between
>the ahead-of-time authors and the audience/user/guest/player is an
>intellectually deep question."  Marinelli adds, "The interdisciplinary
>nature of this degree is what makes it so daring and innovative.  We want
>to take the creativity of the arts and fuse it with the technologists who
>are making new media forms."
>Students enrolled in the program will be immersed in a cutting edge,
>collaborative environment and will work in areas that include virtual
>reality, location-based entertainment, entertainment-based e-commerce,
>theme park design, digital animation, CD- and DVD-ROM, authoring, video
>games and robotics.
>The ETC will admit a mix of students so that each incoming class will be
>roughly half technologists and half artists.  Says Pausch, "We are looking
>for students who are very good at something--anything from computer
>programming to theater lighting to clay sculpting to digital animation."
>The curriculum includes internship potentials with a variety of
>entertainment companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Industrial Light
>and Magic, Dreamworks Interactive, Microsoft, and Kodak, among others.
>More information and application materials are available at
>Randy Pausch, pausch@cs.cmu.edu, http://www.randypausch.com/
>Associate Professor of HCI, Computer Science, and Design
>School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
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