[Edu-sig] More math-teaching with Python

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 01:11:22 -0800

I've got a 2nd section of Python-related curriculum on
the web at


This page, Getting Inventive with Vectors, spells out my
technique for generating simple graphics.  I use Python 
to write .pov files for the popular, cross-platform ray 
tracer, POV-ray (www.povray.org).  

One question is whether this technique will spread, to 
teachers and their students.  Many colleagues of mine do 
something similar with Java + Povray, but I'm a pioneer 
doing this with Python, at least in my neck of the woods 
(this may be old hat to others).

Whereas my previous section: 


was a functional programming application (all the 
number series function defs in series.py), for vectors
I start getting into class and objects (no subclasses

Note, when it comes to virtual worlds (a thread on 
this list), the ActiveWorlds back end is certainly 
one to consider.  It's already being used for educational
purposes, and permits users to gather as avatars and
chat in real time.  The downside is it isn't very 
cross-platform.  Several of my colleagues have put
a lot of time populating various ActiveWorlds with 
interesting content -- although again, mostly of this
work has not involved any Python to my knowledge.

Curriculum writer
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