[Edu-sig] More math-teaching

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:08:56 -0800

To edu-sig@python.org FYI, memo sent earlier today

PS:  for more re 'Math Trek' (mentioned below), see


To: Ivars Peterson
    Science Writer
    MAA columnist

Fr: Kirby Urner
    Curriculum writer
    Oregon Curriculum Network

Howdy Ivars --

Just wanted to bring your attention (if you have any to
spare) to some very recent curriculum writing I've just 


I consider these pages good summary examples of how 
K-12 math could be rekindled with interesting and 
challenging new content. 

Many educators already share my intention to include 
more exposure to computer languages in K-12 math (we
were doing this at McGraw-Hill in the early '80s).  

I see computer language as an alternative way of 
expressing math-related ideas in human-readable -- 
yet machine-executable -- form.  

The software engineers have finally gotten us to 
the point where we're able to _clarify_ math concepts 
using their codes, not just further obscure them 
behind a lot of machine-specific verbiage.

Thanks again for getting 'Math Trek' out there.  I'm
looking forward to 'Math Trek 2'. From what you've
said about it so far, it sounds like it'll make a 
very useful addition to my working syllabus.


PS:  I'm reading your 'Jazzing Up Euclid's Algorithm' at 
http://www.maa.org/mathland/mathtrek_2_14_00.html -- we 
probably share the notion that "numeracy" and "computer 
literacy" are not wide-apart, entirely separate goals.