[Edu-sig] Finishing touches: Python web pages

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 00:40:03 -0800

I've decided to limit it to three instead of four
sections -- talking about this evolving piece showing 
Python in a math curriculum context:


Enjoying the new IDLE by the way.  Thank you Guido!  
Makes Python all the more teachable, to have those 
syntax tool tips, other goodies.

I noticed while doing the above web pages that it
makes a lot of sense to color-code Python source 
and even shell window stuff the way IDLE does -- 
really adds to readability -- except here I'm between 
<PRE></PRE> tags in HTML.

I invite others doing code snippets on the web to 
do the same -- maybe you do already (URLs?).  And 
maybe someone has already written a Python module 
that parses .py files into HTML with <font></font> 
tags added, to mimic IDLE-style color coding?  Or
does the new IDLE have a "Save as HTML" option that
I missed <wink>?  Certainly would make code-sharing
via web pages an easier part of our routines, no?

These web pages clearly exhibit what I was talking
about in my earlier posts re how we might be using
Python today, with no further enhancements, and in
a non-CS context.  The math stuff I'm doing is K-12,
not anything super advanced.  So we cover it anyway,
in the average workaday classroom, mostly with 
calculators as the "high technology" of choice these 
days (sad).

My approach in no way needs to be seen as rain on anyone 
else's parade.  Many other ideas for using Python (or
other languages) to promote the goals of CP4E have been 
floated here, and I'm looking forward to learning more 
about them as time goes on.

In the meantime, any feedback is welcome regarding
what I've exhibited so far.  Those of you promoting
Python in whatever walks of life, feel free to show
and/or link to my materials as evidence of CP4E's 

I'll certainly be checking the edu-sig archives from 
time to time, even if I soon become less active as a 
poster.  I'm feeling a sense of completion here (is my 
work done?) and the need to tackle something new.