[Edu-sig] "dynamic geometry" application

Arthur Siegel ajs@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 14:06:14 -0500

It allows one to create relationships in 3d space between geometric
"primitives" -points,lines,circles, spheres,etc. - by way of  simple Python
scripts. Points on the initial figure created can then be picked and moved,
but all defined relationships follow. It's more sophisticated functions -
the uses of arrays of points and lines for example, can be used to explore
concepts of Projective Geometry in 3d space.

The coding is pretty straight-forward.

Educationally, I think it would be a great way of making concrete the
relationship of synthetic and analytic geometries, while exploring
programming concepts at the same time.

It can also be seen as its own kind of "drawing" tool, simply to explore and
enjoy the aesthetics of geometric relationships in 3d space.

There are lots of tools for visualizing 3d constructions, and a few tools
for drawing dynamic geometric constructions - but I am not aware of a simple
tool that combines the real-time dynamics, and the preservation of
relationships in 3d space defined in straight-forward and traditional
geometric terms.

I am neither an advanced programmer nor a sophisticated mathematician.  But
I do believe I may have stumbled into a quite good combination
of form and function by applying Python to this effort.  I suspect it would
not be accomplishable other than by Python - certainly not in a
straightforward, simple and transparent way.

Which is why I am hoping it will find some interest here.

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> Could you write more about it?  What does it do?  Short of
> loading a lot of software, I'd like to get a sense of what
> you've been working on.
> A few screen shots with URLs might be nice (you don't have
> to do a whole website just to get JPEGs stored out there
> somewhere).
> Kirby
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