[Edu-sig] Future of CP4E after CNRI?

Art Siegel siegel@eico.com
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 10:44:19 -0400

>...the affactionate presentation of Randy Pausch
>during the meeting, pushing for an even easier to use ver-
>sion of the language (supposed to be one without case-sen-
>sitivity -- another topic that could have changed now with
>BeOpen). If you add to this the apparently *increasing*,
>not decreasing efforts behind IDLE during the last months
>it won't take much of a great analysis genius to conclude
>that CP4E was *gaining* importance, despite the fact that
>it was financially rather unsecured.

But then there were those of us (or maybe just me) who were totally confused
by Guido's approach - saw CP4E as a potentially world class
undertaking with Randy Pausch, case sensitivity, and even IDLE
as only tangentially on topic.

Obviously Guido's listening, and I yet have no problem saying that
beyond the minor contribution of having designed the (IMO) world's
best learning (among other things) language - I don't see him as
having any particular insight into implementing it effectively as
an educational tool. Just an opinion.

Folks other than Guido are probably is a better position to take it
forward than he might be.  And when serious efforts like Jeff
Elkner's ask for his support, it seems to be there. I'm not
aware of any reason to believe that that won't be true in the future.

>Obviously, you also appreciate some more details where they
>are available and would also be happy if such nasty little
>questions as mine would help people to stand firmly behind
>their announced openness. Glad to hear that! ;-)

I am not aware of any announcement - it just seems to me an empirical
fact. Watch what they do, was Tim's advice. I'm taking it.